Blogging Challenge

I’ve gotten a hang of blogging. So, I’m starting a 90 days, errm 30 days blogging challenge. I shall start slow and try and be consistent.

On an average I get about 2-3 readers a a day. I’m happy with that. I wasn’t expecting any readers, really. I’m getting these readers because I like reading blogs. I comment on some of these blogs and they come to visit my blog. I haven’t gotten any comments, I’m presuming I don’t blog on anything of interest to these readers.

That’s ok. I am not blogging for the viewership. I’m blogging because I’m serving my last week of notice at work and I haven’t got much work to do. Wait, I’VE GOT NO WORK TO DO! 

Blogging does help me to express myself. Every time I type, I wonder if I’m going to bore someone out there. I worry if my writing style is stale and too practical for blogging. I plan on reading more…Hopefully that will help?

I hope I will keep to this challenge. But if I don’t, would someone out there carry on please?

Any comment on my writing style will help. Anything at all?


My Christmas.

It’s a cold rainy morning. It’s Christmas in a few days time. Every lobby in the Central Business district has Christmas decorations.

It isn’t snowing. It never snows in this part of the world. My friends and colleagues from the West complain that it never feels like Christmas here.

I feel perplexed and confused.

I’ve never felt snow before. But, I’ve always looked forward to Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of the year where the house is buzzing with activity. The Christmas tree is decorated and stacked with presents. Food is abundant. It’s usually a good mix of English and Indian food.  Wine is always free flowing. I visit all my relatives and they come over. So much of merry making and catching up.

It didn’t matter if there was snow. It was about the love and the gathering.

I will want to experience Christmas someday in a country that snows. I’m sure the experience would be a different one. I would love to make a Snowman and be a typical tourist and take a picture with my creation. I  want to sit near a fireplace and exchange gifts. I want to indulge in all the Christmas goodies but I will miss my mother’s thosai and chicken curry. Nothing will ever be like  Christmas in Singapore. This is where family is and it’s where Christmas would be best spent.

Christmas is about loving and sharing. It is not about the snow.


I wish you a merry Christmas!

Live and Let Live!

I’ve been thinking  about my death ever since the Sydney siege. I knew something bad was going to happen in Australia, it was just a matter of time before it happened. There were too many warning signs. The influx of Muslims in the country, the increasing number of Australian Muslims leaving to fight for the ISIS and so on.

Singapore is very similar to Sydney in many ways. We have a multi cultural society, an influx of new immigrants and a cosmopolitan city. Have we been taking our national security and national defense for granted? Well, I have been. I’ve always felt Singapore was safe and always will be. What else do you expect a girl, who has grown up in one of the world’s most safest country to feel?


Ever since the Sydney hostage incident, something has changed. Well for a start, I don’t sit indoors in a cafe anymore. I sit out doors. As foolish as it sounds, I feel so much more comforted doing that. But such an incident can happen anywhere and anytime?! What right has someone got to inflict so much of fear onto others? Who are these people to make others conform to their believes and ideologies?

I can’t imagine how those parents who lost their children in the Peshawar shooting would feel. Every religion is peace loving and those children were innocent. Notice how there wasn’t  much of  media attention on that case as compared to the Sydney siege? Why? Because it is fine for Muslims to kill each other but not kill non Muslims? Why wasn’t there much backlash from the peace loving Muslims around the world. Why hasn’t someone started a movement against the Taliban and the terrorist?


The world has to stand together against terrorism. Muslims have to be more vocal to radical Muslims. They have to voice their opinions and get them the help needed.

Something has to be done soon. Life is not easy and we don’t need people with idealistic theories to rule our lives.





For one to blog regularly, one has to read more. In my case, I havn’t gotten the time to even visit a bookshop. So much has changed in a year but I will not not get into details. My life isn’t exciting enough for me to blog chronically.

However, I have been wanting to blog about my career. About the ruthless recruitment industry in Singapore. 

I left the hospitality line and joined the recruitment business. I HATED IT! The recruitment business is known for it’s hire and fire attitude. If you don’t don’t bring in the moolah, out you go! Candidates are commodities. If a candidate is good, you keep them “warm” and “spec” them out. What that means is, recruiters take your resume without permission and send it out to hiring managers and hope for a positive response. This happens everywhere. Spec-ing resumes is fine. How you spec it is important.

It’s easy to be promoted as a manager in the recruitment business. Be a good sales person, bill continuously for a period of time and you will get promoted! The hindsight to this practice is, they don’t make the best managers. What most of firms have is arrogant, greedy managers who want people working for them. The more the consultants bill, the more the managers earn. This also means, consultants always try and sell the role and the company to a candidate even if they knew that it is a very bad match. ( Note: I’m not saying everyone does this but, it is a common practice)

Eat! Sleep! Recruit!

The recruitment business in Singapore is still very young and booming. We have an obvious skill shortage in many sectors. Especially in banking and finance, commerce and technology. Heck! Walk into any bank in Singapore and the whole IT department is made up of Indians! Realising this  opportunity, many overseas recruitment firms have set up their base in Singapore. Bulk of these firms are UK headquartered.

Now, this is the first problem.

Being a British firm, recruiters from UK are invited to work in Asia. Most of them are good recruiters who are good billers in their country. BUT, they don’t realise the working culture in Asia. The golden rule in doing business in Asia is, creating good relationship. Arrogance is never going to work. A hiring manager will still meet you for a cuppa even if he doesn’t have business for you. If you leave a good impression, he may call you. If you don’t, he wont remember you. Picking up the phone and asking directly if he has a role for you to work on is never going to work. From my understanding it is different in the UK. Hiring managers never will want to meet recruiters. So if  you are new recruiter in Singapore, GET OUT OF THE OFFICE AND MEET PEOPLE! 

Asians value their lunch times breaks and only eat on the desk if it’s extremely imminent. That isn’t the case in UK. One hour lunches are considered a luxury. But in Asia it’s a necessity. Candidates are not going to speak to you over lunch. Especially if they are eating. They are going to ask you to call them back! So, GET OUT OF THE OFFICE AND TAKE A BREAK!

Locally owned agencies do not have a very good standing in the industry. Most of these firms hire young diploma graduates who have no clue about the recruitment business. I’ve gotten a couple of calls from these recruiters. Most of them sound like clueless kids on the phone. Working hours are longer and the base pay is much lower as compared to the “renowned” boutique firms. However, you would be surprised that these local agencies would have bigger accounts because they charge much lower agency fees. Some of these agencies work with MNCs and government agencies.

I could go on and on about the difference in working culture in Asia and in the UK. Maybe I should write a manual? It will take a long time for the expat owned recruitment companies in Singapore to realise the working culture and local agencies have a lot to earn from foreign agencies about marketing and hiring of recruiters.

I will write more the recruitment business in Singapore. Having spent 2 years in it, I am have seen and observed enough to help someone out there. For now, I am glad I came out of this industry.


My private driving instructor.

I used to blame myself for being a late bloomer and not achieving much. Nothing I achieved was ever enough to make me feel like I could have done better.

After deferring my degree course  for a few semesters, I’m finally at it again. I’m happy with the course I took and I’m enjoying my education. (What was I thinking when I initially enrolled to do my degree in Economics and Finance?) I have the attention span of a 3 year old and who the hell cares about the finance industry? I remember my essential writing skills lecturer telling us that at the tertiary level, it’s no more about studying. It’s about expanding your knowledge. That was one of the best advice I’ve received in the longest time.

Most of my friends are married. Heck! Some even have children. I’m 29, happily in a relationship for the last 8 months. My boyfriend’s parents have never met me but they HATE me. That’s another story for another time.

One of the things that we have to get in your 20s, is your driving license. In Singapore, cars cost as much as $50,000. For a ridiculously tiny island, everything is so bloody expensive. The worse part is that the government invites rich expats to live in this country and squeeze in with.

Anyways…….I finally told myself I will get a driving license this year. I joined a school (SSDC) and paid a few hundred dollars. It was near impossible to get a slot of my schedule. Classes were bloody expensive and instructors weren’t that fantastic. I contemplated on switching to take private lessons instead. Most of my friends were against it. They advised me to stick school because passing rate was better and they compared it to the whole thoery of taking your O’levels as a private and a school candidate.


I scoffed when I heard such comments. Typical Stupid Singaporean Kiasu Attitude!

1. If you know how to drive and you don’t break any rules during your driving exam, there is no way in hell you will fail.

2. If you can’t drive, you will FAIL.

Anyways, somehow, my motivation wained and I gave up. Manual geared cars are f***ed up! I never got the techniques right and my feet ached all the time. I hated driving lessons and eventually gave up.

After a few months of doing nothing at all, I decided to take driving licence again. But this time it was AUTO car! Driving an auto car is a breeze. I’ve been having fun.  My instructor has been very encouraging and if I don’t panic and shiver during my Traffic Police exam, I should be able to pass. Heck! I will pass! I need to achieve this!


Someday, I hope to drive up to Malaysia or Thailand and feel in control. I will I will I will pass! 

Wish me luck!

My Rape Story.

Yes, I was raped from the age of 5. it was my maternal cousin. It occurred every time he came over to spend time and baby sit me. I don’t remember much details of the rape but I didn’t cry or feel violated, then. In fact, I believe after the 3rd of the 4th incident, I liked it.

The rape continued to take place even after my parents shifted house. This time it was a bigger place. He came over to stay with us. I shall name him A. A was a good looking guy. He was in the midst of waiting to enlist into national service. I was a young girl in primary school. We had plenty of spare time together. It wasn’t all about sex then. He behaved like an elderly cousin at times. We used to cycle and go fishing. He was good at sports. Badminton was a daily sport. I miss my childhood. Don’t we all? It’s an irony. People expect children who have been raped to be perpetually depressed and to grow up as sick individuals who have  no direction and motivation in life. I don’t understand how people who have never experienced any such things in life can judge. Not many people know of my rape. No one has ever suspected that my childhood was different. In fact, I feel completely normal.

Of course, I wish I was a virgin for a much longer time in life. Nothing can be more mean then to shove your prick into a young girl and rip her of innocence. But, that doesn’t mean that young girl has to keep blaming herself and hurting herself and others around her for the ugly and rude actions of perverts.

I love sex. Sometimes I feel I love it more then others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promiscuous. I love the pleasures of sex with partners that I am comfortable with. These are people I know and I prefer them to be my lovers.

I don’t want this blog to be full or angst and about my rape stories from my childhood. But, I definitely would share more.

Why are people selfish?

Everyone abhors selfish people. But I believe it’s an innate nature in humans and some of us are able to suppress it better then others. How do you react when people you consider are your friends act selfishly towards you?

1. Get mad pissed and start a blog? Lol!

2. Scream and throw a fuss that  you are pissed? It doesn’t work. Selfish people will always be selfish and trying to reason or explain their actions is not necessarily going to work.

3. stop being friends with them? – They are selfish….but that doesn’t mean they are evil.

Strangely, I’ve noticed how selfish people are loved and accepted. So, do you believe that because their loved ones are able to tolerate  and adapt to their characteristics, they are actually nurturing the selfishness instead of suppressing it?

If a boyfriend tells his girlfriend that she is out rightly selfish with her thoughts and actions, do you think she would actually watch her actions in future and consider a task before she does? Or, would that not work and eventually they would break up?

I’m not a psychologist but I strongly believe that we should not condone it if someone decides to be selfish. We need to tell them, explain to them and let them know that their action is wrong. 

How would one change themselves if you don’t tell them?