Blogging Challenge

I’ve gotten a hang of blogging. So, I’m starting a 90 days, errm 30 days blogging challenge. I shall start slow and try and be consistent.

On an average I get about 2-3 readers a a day. I’m happy with that. I wasn’t expecting any readers, really. I’m getting these readers because I like reading blogs. I comment on some of these blogs and they come to visit my blog. I haven’t gotten any comments, I’m presuming I don’t blog on anything of interest to these readers.

That’s ok. I am not blogging for the viewership. I’m blogging because I’m serving my last week of notice at work and I haven’t got much work to do. Wait, I’VE GOT NO WORK TO DO! 

Blogging does help me to express myself. Every time I type, I wonder if I’m going to bore someone out there. I worry if my writing style is stale and too practical for blogging. I plan on reading more…Hopefully that will help?

I hope I will keep to this challenge. But if I don’t, would someone out there carry on please?

Any comment on my writing style will help. Anything at all?


2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge

  1. Your writing is cool! Love your style! But if your topics are not pulling in comments, change them or better still, spice them up with a little fun or laughter, something that would keep the reader smiling or crying and reading…anything that would provoke emotions… I’m new to blogging (less than two weeks) and i get more than 200 views per day…its small for some bloggers but its a start for me! You could have that start too! Take care dear, the future has big plans for you!

  2. A person’s writing style is their own and is what makes them unique, and yours seems perfectly fine to me. 🙂 Good for you for taking on the 30 day challenge. That’s a great way to get more followers, but even more so it’s a great way to dig deeper into your thoughts. I just finished a 30 day challenge and it was a challenge indeed, but fun!

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