Blogging Challenge

I’ve gotten a hang of blogging. So, I’m starting a 90 days, errm 30 days blogging challenge. I shall start slow and try and be consistent.

On an average I get about 2-3 readers a a day. I’m happy with that. I wasn’t expecting any readers, really. I’m getting these readers because I like reading blogs. I comment on some of these blogs and they come to visit my blog. I haven’t gotten any comments, I’m presuming I don’t blog on anything of interest to these readers.

That’s ok. I am not blogging for the viewership. I’m blogging because I’m serving my last week of notice at work and I haven’t got much work to do. Wait, I’VE GOT NO WORK TO DO! 

Blogging does help me to express myself. Every time I type, I wonder if I’m going to bore someone out there. I worry if my writing style is stale and too practical for blogging. I plan on reading more…Hopefully that will help?

I hope I will keep to this challenge. But if I don’t, would someone out there carry on please?

Any comment on my writing style will help. Anything at all?


My Christmas.

It’s a cold rainy morning. It’s Christmas in a few days time. Every lobby in the Central Business district has Christmas decorations.

It isn’t snowing. It never snows in this part of the world. My friends and colleagues from the West complain that it never feels like Christmas here.

I feel perplexed and confused.

I’ve never felt snow before. But, I’ve always looked forward to Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of the year where the house is buzzing with activity. The Christmas tree is decorated and stacked with presents. Food is abundant. It’s usually a good mix of English and Indian food.  Wine is always free flowing. I visit all my relatives and they come over. So much of merry making and catching up.

It didn’t matter if there was snow. It was about the love and the gathering.

I will want to experience Christmas someday in a country that snows. I’m sure the experience would be a different one. I would love to make a Snowman and be a typical tourist and take a picture with my creation. I  want to sit near a fireplace and exchange gifts. I want to indulge in all the Christmas goodies but I will miss my mother’s thosai and chicken curry. Nothing will ever be like  Christmas in Singapore. This is where family is and it’s where Christmas would be best spent.

Christmas is about loving and sharing. It is not about the snow.


I wish you a merry Christmas!