Live and Let Live!

I’ve been thinking  about my death ever since the Sydney siege. I knew something bad was going to happen in Australia, it was just a matter of time before it happened. There were too many warning signs. The influx of Muslims in the country, the increasing number of Australian Muslims leaving to fight for the ISIS and so on.

Singapore is very similar to Sydney in many ways. We have a multi cultural society, an influx of new immigrants and a cosmopolitan city. Have we been taking our national security and national defense for granted? Well, I have been. I’ve always felt Singapore was safe and always will be. What else do you expect a girl, who has grown up in one of the world’s most safest country to feel?


Ever since the Sydney hostage incident, something has changed. Well for a start, I don’t sit indoors in a cafe anymore. I sit out doors. As foolish as it sounds, I feel so much more comforted doing that. But such an incident can happen anywhere and anytime?! What right has someone got to inflict so much of fear onto others? Who are these people to make others conform to their believes and ideologies?

I can’t imagine how those parents who lost their children in the Peshawar shooting would feel. Every religion is peace loving and those children were innocent. Notice how there wasn’t  much of  media attention on that case as compared to the Sydney siege? Why? Because it is fine for Muslims to kill each other but not kill non Muslims? Why wasn’t there much backlash from the peace loving Muslims around the world. Why hasn’t someone started a movement against the Taliban and the terrorist?


The world has to stand together against terrorism. Muslims have to be more vocal to radical Muslims. They have to voice their opinions and get them the help needed.

Something has to be done soon. Life is not easy and we don’t need people with idealistic theories to rule our lives.