Why are people selfish?

Everyone abhors selfish people. But I believe it’s an innate nature in humans and some of us are able to suppress it better then others. How do you react when people you consider are your friends act selfishly towards you?

1. Get mad pissed and start a blog? Lol!

2. Scream and throw a fuss that  you are pissed? It doesn’t work. Selfish people will always be selfish and trying to reason or explain their actions is not necessarily going to work.

3. stop being friends with them? – They are selfish….but that doesn’t mean they are evil.

Strangely, I’ve noticed how selfish people are loved and accepted. So, do you believe that because their loved ones are able to tolerate  and adapt to their characteristics, they are actually nurturing the selfishness instead of suppressing it?

If a boyfriend tells his girlfriend that she is out rightly selfish with her thoughts and actions, do you think she would actually watch her actions in future and consider a task before she does? Or, would that not work and eventually they would break up?

I’m not a psychologist but I strongly believe that we should not condone it if someone decides to be selfish. We need to tell them, explain to them and let them know that their action is wrong. 

How would one change themselves if you don’t tell them?